Explore your inner monster with one of Lyraphic's custom costume pieces.  We love helping people meet their demons and proudly let them out to play.



The Valkyrie maiden warrior
Hears the battle cry and answers
Singing to those about to die
That they may fight stronger
Until they reach the valkyrie to carry them away…

Elemental warrior of air, inspired by the power of a thunderstorm

Hand tooled & dyed leather with a 12 foot feathered wingspan. Performed on stilts.



Water elemental nspired by the Zora from The Legend of Zelda series

Hand tooled & dyed leather combined with a patinated copper skirt by Guildwerks


The Chimera is a multi-faceted beast of fire, creativity, and transformation.

Hand tooled & dyed leather featuring copper claws, spikes, and a forged tail tip by Guildwerks

Bone Shaman

Collector of bones and protector of all earth's secrets.

Sculpted leather featuring genuine bones, antlers, and a copper plated bear skull incense burner by Guildwerks

The Creature

Alchemical beast of birth
Of science and nature
The discovery of the self
The battle of human nature
The monsters we make to protect and conceal
Our greatest strengths and weaknesses
The organic primitive machine of our tech and our tools

Latigo leather with gunmetal spikes, labradorite stone settings, stingray appliques, lasers, and digigrade prosthetics.  Fabric bodysuit hand painted by Amanda Sage and sewn by Domini Anne

Hunter's Moon Armor

Custom made groom's armor for a magical wedding masquerade.

Hand tooled & dyed with stingray leather and gold metallic fabric appliques.