What you are getting when you purchase a Lyraphic design is a 100% handmade leather good made in house from Lyraphic studios.

From the very beginning of the process I take the time to hand select  leathers, create my patterns, and personally detail each work of art. My pieces are works of art and for that reason I am not producing on a mass scale. Rather, I appreciate the process of creating and delivering the best quality work I have to offer with each and every individual piece using the best materials that are available. Whether these materials come to me through upcycled sources or are simply the best quality I can find I am careful to choose my products with care to the environment and the sources they come from.

Much of the leather I use comes directly from the meat industry and so am able to consciously craft my works knowing all part of the animal are being used as well as infusing my own personal care and respects for the living animals they once were. I love working with leather for many reasons and one of the greatest sensations is that I am still working with a living material and informed by the character of each hide to find its sculptural or embossed shape.Quite simply, I love all aspects of the materials I use from bone, feather, claw, and tooth to skins of such great variety that they have personal character and even flaws which can be just as unique and exquisite as the most perfect premium hides you can buy. This means that many of my leathers are one offs hides so limited by the amount rendered from each hide.

While I do have certain lines available, I also love the challenge of creating custom works and so please inquire if there is something I can make personally attuned to you.